Club Rules

Broadly speaking, judo club rules are concerned with etiquette, hygiene and safety.
  • Parents / guardians must accompany their children into and out of the dojo (training hall). It would be unreasonable to expect us to have responsibility for looking after your child whilst he or she is en route between the hall and the car park.
  • Judo players should bow, on entering or leaving the dojo, (training hall) and on stepping onto or off the mat.
  • No shoes are to be worn on the mat.
  • Zori (judo footwear), must be worn by players when off the mat, flip-flops or slippers are ideal.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed whilst on the mat.
  • Fingernails and toenails are to be kept short.
  • Please pay attention to personal hygiene.
  • Juniors must wear a white judogi (judo suit), without shoulder stripes.
  • All players should have clean kit, well fitting and in good repair.
  • Always make your instructor aware of any injuries or medical conditions.
  • Please ensure that long hair is tied back.
  • Judo rules require that jewellery is removed or covered by tape.
  • Judoka (judo players), enjoy practice in an environment of mutual respect, please promote such behaviour in the club.
Judo suits
Judo suits can be bought or hired, and are not expensive, bring a drink and some footwear for off the mat and you are ready to go!
After four weeks we’ll ask you to join the BJA and you’ll be a judoka - a judo player!

Join the British Judo Association here!
(Link to the BJA website for on-line membership applications).

Please make sure you join as a ‘full member’, otherwise you will not be able to grade. Ask Mr Pring if you have any queries, thank you.

Please fill in our club number as ‘2557’ and ‘Hampshire’ where county is asked for, even if you live in Sussex. 
(We compete as a Hampshire club).