Judo Suits

White Judo Suits for Children

Judo suits can be bought or hired and they're not expensive.
Please read our policy on children’s judo suits:

We insist that all children wear a simple white judo suit.

Teaching judo to children is our privilege and comes with responsibilities. Our sport has for decades been practiced with clean white judo suits. We have all worked-out in similar kit - our efforts being what matters and what distinguishes us.

Some manufacturers now supply judo suits with the child’s surname emblazoned full width across the rear of the jacket. Blue children’s judo suits are on the market, as are ones with shoulder stripes for brand advertising.

By insisting all of the children in our club wear simple white judo suits, we know that we are circumventing problems that will detract from the more important job of teaching a worthwhile sport to fine young people.

A parallel might be the Scouting movement, it would be an unnecessary distraction if some Cubs or Scouts turned up with ‘Adidas’ shoulder stripes on their jerseys!

We have to look after all of the children in our charge and why should some children feel disadvantaged?

Therefore, we ask that parents understand the need for rules in this case. If unsure about which kit to buy please contact Mr Pring.

As a club we feel that adults are well able to make their own decisions and are welcome to wear a kit of their choice.

Please find below a diagram showing badge placement should you wish to sew badges on to your kit. It is fine to not have any badges on a kit.